Monday, January 11, 2010

The Psychology of Color

I have always found the psychology of color and how it affects us to be very fascinating. Isn't it interesting how we can wear or be surrounded by certain colors and actually experience a visceral response as a result? Some colors promote feelings of calm while others stimulate our emotions. Some colors enable confidence and others encourage action. I suspect color has a much bigger impact on our lives that we ever thought.

I have spent the last few days researching this most interesting phenomenon. Based on what I have studied I will list the colors and their attributes for your consideration. Consider your favorite color(s) and see what you think.

BLACK- Authoritative, powerful, classic, timeless, mysterious, sophisticated, slimming. (I like the whole slimming thing!)

WHITE- Purity, innocence, peaceful, neutral, cool, protective (the good guys wear white),calming.

RED- Stimulating, color of love, noticeable, encourages action, stimulates conversation.

PINK- Romantic, soothes feelings, calms aggression, charming, playful.

BLUE- Soothing, peaceful, promotes tranquility, symbolizes loyalty, promotes productivity, wisdom, confidence, stability, unity.

GREEN- Calming, refreshing, relaxing, harmonious, stabilizes emotions, reminds us of nature.

YELLOW- Attention getter, optimistic, enhances concentration, promotes creativity, cheerful.

PURPLE- Royal, romantic, sophisticated, implies wealth.

ORANGE- Energetic, warm, promotes ambition and new ideas, encourages socialization, friendly, promotes conversation.

BROWN- Reliable, down to earth, implies genuineness, orderliness.

GRAY- Practicality, timelessness, sophistication. Silvery GRAY implies strength of character.

So there you have it. A quick study in the way color potentially works/plays in our lives. I have no idea if there is a standard for all this but I do know that I am affected by the colors I wear and am surrounded by. Some of what I researched hits home with me and makes a lot of sense. Some I question but it doesn't matter. Color is a wonderful part of our lives and I would hate to think of life without it.

When I create my original handmade clothing, most pieces start with the fabric. I typically purchase the fabrics I use just because I like them, without knowing what they will become. (That decision is made at a later date.) This is a great way to choose fabrics. I like almost every color and try to buy a wide variety of colors, patterns and fabric types.

I recently asked my Facebook friends to list their favorite colors for clothing. Every color was submitted which told me that no person's favorite is the same. That was freeing for me as a clothing designer. It gives me the liberty to work with the fabrics I love, with no rules as to color and it tells me someone will like it. I keep my e-store filled with many different colors of clothing. Stop by and visit and maybe you will find an item that causes you to feel calm or happy or powerful or social. Click HERE to see all my colors and one of a kind designs.

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I wish for you a GREEN day with some ORANGE mixed in for conversation! :)

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