Tuesday, January 26, 2010

And Speaking Of Clothing....

My love for sewing began when I was a kid. I got my official start in garment construction way back in the 60's while still in grade school. I can still remember being at the Singer Sewing Center where my lessons were held. I was literally mesmerized by the aisles of fabric and the drawers of patterns. That first lesson opened my world to the endless combination of fabric and patterns. I am able after all these years to remember my amazement as I considered the possibilities and that there was virtually no end to the items that could be created. I still feel that way. I am still mesmerized by it all.

I design my own patterns now but I have a collection of manufactured patterns that I have held onto through the years. I have downsized my pattern stash for the sake of space but have retained the ones that are favorites. I have antique patterns that are true treasures. My oldest belonged to my grandmother and is from the late 1800s/early 1900s. It is the gem of my collection. Additionally I have at least one pattern from each decade from the first half of the 1900s and many from the 60s and up. I don't use them at this point but it is still fun to look to them for inspiration and for laughs (The 70s! What Were we thinking!).

If you sew &/or just love to look at patterns like I do, pay a visit to my friend Sheila's website RisingFeenix.com. It is an adventure through fashion history. She has THOUSANDS of vintage sewing patterns from every era and her site is just plain fun. She has categorized them several ways which enhances the thrill of the hunt. And if you are looking to buy, she has the best prices on the web as well as wonderful customer service.

This week I am sewing patterns of my own design. I am working on 3 of my empire tops. One in a luscious denim blue micro-suede, one in a speckled gray/black knit and the last in a soft drapey aubergine rayon blend corduroy. Also on the table is a textured black knit mandarin jacket and lastly, a dramatic shift jacket in a bold black-and-white reversible wool weave. I am torn on that one as to which side of the fabric to use for the outside. A hard decision as both sides are so gorgeous. I suspect that will be the last one to get sewn up.....

If you are interested in seeing similar items to these prior to me getting them completed and listed in my e-store, stop in and visit my website and check out the other items I have that are made with these same patterns in different fabrics. Remember that all my items are one-of-a-kind and no pattern is ever paired with the same fabric twice. My designs are all handmade originals created by me right here in my studio.

Don't forget to drop in on Sheila and peruse her patterns. Even if you don't sew, it is an interesting way to spend a bit of time. You might even see a pattern or style from your past. And I guarantee you a few LOL moments as you read her commentary on some of the patterns. :) Enjoy!

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